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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Ferris Wharton to Run for Delaware’s Attorney General

It looks as though the Republicans have found their candidate for Attorney General, Ferris Wharton, to run against Beau Biden. It’s difficult to imagine a better choice for the Republicans than Wharton. He oozes with the right experience:

Wharton has been a deputy U.S. attorney since 2003. He resigned Friday because federal law prohibits government employees from running for elective office. He previously served in the state Attorney General’s Office starting in 1980.

Wharton said that would help him in the job, even though the post is typically more administrative than prosecutorial.“First and foremost, I think you need to be a good prosecutor to earn the respect of the people in the office and to lead that office,” he said. “But, I’ve led the Rape Unit, I’ve led the Drug Unit and I’ve been chief prosecutor in Kent County and in New Castle County as well as being chief deputy. So I understand that [administrative] side of the office, too.” (link)

As I’ve written before, Wharton is spoken of near reverential terms in some quarters of Delaware’s legal community. He has the reputation of having impeccable integrity and I personally know many democrats who will vote for him in a heart beat. They have told me so. If there is anything the Attorney General's office needs after the nightmarish reign of Brady, it's someone with integrity of Ferris Wharton.

I’ve decided that I will endorse candidates this year on my blog. Although Wharton believes in the death penalty (it’s likely that Biden does as well), Wharton has a big lead for my (rather inconsequential) endorsement. I’ll try to keep an open mind and hear what the candidates propose for the office and what positions they’ll take on various issues (public access to public records will be a biggie w/ me). But I know enough about Wharton to say that in this two-way race I have a definite and highly defensible bias for him.